• To install Pixelink Capture, please first uninstall any previous versions of our Pixelink software.

  • Disconnect any Pixelink cameras from your computer.

  • Run the Camera_Kit.exe installer, and follow the prompts.

  • If prompted, please reboot your computer.

  • For additional help with installation, please see Desktop Installation Procedure.

  • Connect your camera.

Launch Pixelink Capture

  • Go to Windows Start Menu and select Programs --> PixeLINK Capture. When you start your application for the first time, it will start and display a window similar to the following window.

  • The camera will start streaming automatically as soon as Pixelink Capture starts.

  • Controls including Frame Rate and Exposure time can be adjusted in the Controls Tab.

  • To get the best image quality, check out our Quick Tips for Best Image Quality article, or see the Settings Panel section of our Knowledge Base to learn more about different settings for the camera.

Capture an Image

To Capture an image, click on the camera icon under the preview window. 

More information on capturing an image, including changing the file name and format, can be found in the Capture Tab article.

Capture a Video

To Capture a video, click on the camcorder icon under the preview window.

For a step by step guide to recording your first video, please see Recording Your First Video. 

Fore more information on the options available on the Video tab, including troubleshooting an "UnsupportedPixelFormat" error, see: Video Tab.