The "Capture" tab allows you to capture images in different ways i.e, one at a time, automated using a "trigger", and time lapse capture. This tab also allows you to capture images in different file formats like BMP and JPEG.

How to Manipulate the Controls

Image Capture

Use this icon on the Preview Panel to Capture an Image at any time. Image capture settings can be changed on the Capture Tab.

Image Name

This box allows you to set a file name, a name for the captured image.

Save as Type

Choose the file format for the captured image. Pixelink Capture can output the image file in BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PSD and RAW formats.


Select a directory path for the saved image. The path can be entered into the text box, or selected using "Browse" option. 

Time Lapse Capture

Check the Time Lapse Capture box to capture a series of images over a period of time. The fields will be highlighted when the box is checked. Click and enter a value for "Capture Every" to capture an image for every period specified of the duration/time.  

Preview Image after Capture

Check the box "Preview Image After Capture" to automatically display the image immediately after the capture. The image will be displayed in a default windows image viewer.

Increment File Name After Capture

Check the box "Increment file name after capture" to add a number to the end of the captured image file name so that already existing captured images are not overwritten. For example, if the entered image name is "Picture" the fist time an image is captured it will be saved as "Picture1". Following captured images will be named "Picture2", "Picture3", "Picture4", etc.

Capture Full ROI

Check the box "Capture Full ROI" to capture full ROI image regardless of the current ROI size.

Capture Measurements/Annotations

Check the box to have any active measurements overlayed on top of captured images. Please note: Only annotations, measurements, and the scale bar currently visible on the preview window will be captured.