Pixelink PL-D cameras are U3V vision compliant and are compatible with third party Image Acquisition software like LabVIEW, NI MAX, MATLAB, and Halcon via this standard. NI MAX uses the NI IMAQdx drivers, which use USB3.0 Vision to control USB3.0 cameras. Please click on the link below to access a knowledge base article from National Instruments on how to set up the NI Vision Acquisition software.

Note: The following camera models and some of their functionality are not supported

- PL-D755-POL camera models

- Gain HDR functionality of PL-D753 and PL-D757 camera models

Getting Started with USB3 Vision Cameras and NI Vision Acquisition Software

Do we need to install Pixelink Capture or the Pixelink SDK to operate a Pixelink Camera with LabVIEW?

National Instruments Image Acquisition Toolbox previously needed the wrappers provided with the Pixelink SDK to talk to Pixelink PL-D cameras. 

Currently, Pixelink PL-D Release 10 and above cameras are U3V Vision compliant. This means that Pixelink PL-D cameras are now able to communicate with NI IMAQ through the USB3 Vision standard, and therefore you do not need to install the Pixelink SDK to operate these cameras with LabVIEW. Please review the How to Use Pixelink Cameras as U3V Vision Cameras article from our knowledge base, for more information.

However, if you would like to use the Pixelink LabVIEW wrappers, please see Pixelink Cameras with LabVIEW.