Along with software applications like Pixelink Capture, Capture OEM, and our Application Programming Interface, Pixelink provides several tools to make your life easier.

These tools are installed when installing Pixelink Capture, or the Pixelink SDK For more information on where these tools can be found, click the links below. 

Pixelink Camera IP Address Assignment Tool - This tool helps in the assignment of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to Pixelink IP (GigE) cameras. It can be used independently of Pixelink Capture or Pixelink Capture OEM. It also has a command line interface.

Flat Field Calibration Wizard - For PL-A and PL-B Cameras. Essential for high-quality image capture, the Flat Field Calibration Wizard allows you to calibrate the camera and correct for uneven illumination.

Static Defective Pixel Correction Wizard - For PL-C, PL-D and PL-X Cameras. This tool can be used to correct for defective (hot, cold or dead) pixels.