The following is an overview of the Info tab of captureOEM.


Load Settings / Save Settings

Select Load Settings to feature settings (either Factory Defaults or saved Power Up Defaults) from the camera’s non-volatile memory. To save the current feature settings to the camera’s non-volatile memory (power up defaults), select Save Settings.


The Temperature fields can be used to monitor the temperature of the camera body and sensor (in degrees Celsius).  This is a read-only function.

Info —Identifying information about the camera currently in use:

  • Serial Number

  • Vendor Name

  • Product Name

  • Camera Name

  • Firmware Version

  • FPGA Version

  • XML Version

Host Software

Package Release Version: The version of the Linux SDK.

Capture OEM Version: The version of the Capture OEM release

Dependant Libraries - The names and locations of the dependant libraries used by captureOEM.