The following is an overview of the Video tab of captureOEM:

Choose Video Name, Location and Type

  • Location can be selected from the drop down menu; select "Other..." to browse your computer to select a folder. 

  • Select the video format from the File Type drop down menu. Currently MP4 and AVI are supported.

  • The Increment File Name After Capture option will add a numeric suffix to the file name and automatically increment the suffix each time an image is captured, and the Launch Video Player After Capture option will load the video in your default video player once the capture is complete.

Capture Options

  • Select the encoding type from the Encoding drop down. Currently only H.264 encoding is supported. 

  • Click on the Number of Frames box and enter the desired number of frames to be included in the clip.

    • The Number of Frames (as well as the Frame Rate) determines the Record time, displayed below. For example, if the frame rate is set to 50, and the Number of Frames is set to 300, the Record Time will be 6.0 seconds. Capture more frames to record a longer video.

  • The Decimation Factor reduces the video's effective frame rate by a factor of this amount, as only a fraction of the camera's images are recorded into the video. Enter 1 for no decimation factor.

  • Click the Keep Intermediate File box to save the encoded video stream in .h264 format.  

For API control of this feature, see: PxLGetEncodedClip

Playback Options

Frame Rate

Check the Match Capture box to match the video Playback fps to the Camera fps. 

Uncheck the Match Capture box to specify your own Playback frame rate. Setting a Frame Rate slower than the camera frame rate will cause the video to play back in "slow motion", and setting the Frame Rate faster than the camera frame rate will cause the video to appear sped up.

Bit Rate

Use this slider to manually adjust the Bit Rate (Mbps). Lower values will use more compression, resulting in a video that is lower quality, but smaller in size. 

When the Auto box is checked, the camera will determine video compression / quality. This value will change according to camera settings.

For the related API function, see: PxLGetEncodedClip

Video Time and Size

The Playback Time is determined by the camera frame rate, playback frame rate, and number of frames selected. 

The Estimated File Size provides an estimate of the size of the video (in MB), with the currently selected camera and video settings.