The following is an overview of the Stream tab of captureOEM:

Region of Interest (ROI)

The Region of Interest (ROI) is the area of the sensor being viewed at any given time. The current region of interest appears as a translucent red square superimposed over an image from the camera.

  • Select the ROI size as required.  For preset sizes, click on the "Size" drop down menu and select.  Enter values in the "Width" and "Height" boxes for custom sizes, and in the Offset X and Offset Y boxes for location, or click on the red box and drag.
  • Click "Center" to reposition the ROI in the center of the imager area
  • Click on the translucent red square to update the live preview window. 

For API control of this feature, see: Region of Interest

Pixel Format

To select the appropriate "Pixel format", click on "Pixel Format" drop down menu and select desired setting.  Pixel Formats are camera dependant, the most common being 8-bit monochrome for black and white cameras and Bayer 8 for color cameras.

For API control of this feature, see: Pixel Format

For more information about Pixel Formats, see: Image Data Formats

Pixel Addressing

Click on "Mode" and choose the type of addressing desired. Choose between decimation or binning  The addressing value can then be selected and is camera dependant.

For API control of this feature, see: Pixel Addressing

For more information about the Pixel Addressing feature, see: Pixel Addressing