I am unable to use my camera in uScope / the "Image Capture" option is greyed out. 

Please ensure that your camera and USB dongle are connected to your computer, and verify that the correct uScope version is installed as per the How can I check my uScope version and find uScope documentation? article. Guardant Stealth dongles will support uScope v3.6 and below, and Guardant Sign dongles will support v20 and above; For more information on system requirements, see uScope System Requirements. uScope dongles will also only work for the software level purchased, so a uScope Essentials dongle will only work with uScope Essentials, and a uScope Professional dongle will only work with uScope Professional.

The following uScope notification indicates that the USB dongle is detected. However, the camera is not visible by the software.

The latest versions of uScope can be downloaded from the following link: https://pixelink.com/products/software/microscopy-software/.

To download uScope v3.6, please Contact Support with the name and serial number of your USB dongle. 

I receive an error 0xfffffffd when installing uScope.

When this occurs, try running the uScope installer again. Do not delete any installed files before doing so.