The following is an overview of the Lens tab of Capture OEM.

Sharpness Score - Region of Interest

A set of control information the camera uses to calculate the SharpnessScore of an image. The SharpnessScore of the image is returned in the SharpnessScore field of the Histogram window. The ROI defines the area, within the currently defined Region of Interest, that is used by the camera to compute the image SharpnessScore. The SharpnessScore of an image is a metric of how many ‘crisp’ edges there are in the image. Higher values indicate the presence of more edges. Comparing the SharpnessScore of an image of one target to an image of a different  target is meaningless, as there are no units associated with the SharpnessScore. Rather, it is intended that this score could be used to compare subsequent images of the same target, as focal adjustments are made to the stream of images (perhaps with Focus Control, if the camera/lens supports it).   The user should continue to make focal adjustments until this value is maximized (for this given target).  

Preview Overlay

Will enable or disable the preview of the sharpness score ROI onto the  preview window.

Focus Control

Manually or Automatically control the focal level of the image. Adjust the slider bar and click Assert Limit to set a lower and upper limit for an auto focus operation. The AutoFocus algorithm will then search this range to find the correct focus value for the specified ROI.

Lens Controller Select:

By default, when one camera and one Navitar Lens Controller are attached to the host computer, the camera and lens controller will automatically pair with one another. If multiple cameras or multiple control boards are attached to the host computer, the camera and control boards must be manually paired. To select what control board you wish to control with the current camera, select the desired control board from the Lens Controller Select drop down.

Zoom Control

The zoom control functions similarly to the focus control. You can control the zoom value by dragging the zoom slider or by manually entering a zoom position in the text box. The Assert Limit buttons can be used to set a lower an upper limit.