PXL_RETURN_CODE PxLAssignController (
      HANDLE hCamera,
      U32    controllerSerialNumber);


This function will initialize a specific controller, and assign it to a specific camera.

  • hCamera is the HANDLE to the camera to which the controller is to be assigned. This value is returned by PxLInitializeEx

  • controllerSerialNumber is the serial number of the controller to be assigned to the camera. 

Comments, Restrictions and Limitations

When a single controller and single camera are connected, the API will 'auto-assign' the controller to the camera when PxLInitializeEx is called, without having to call PxLAssignController. If more than one controller or camera is connected, the application must call PxLAssignController to assign a controller to a specific camera.

A controller can only be assigned to one camera at a time. And a camera can only have a controller assigned to it if the functions controlled by that controller (see TypeMask and PxLGetNumberControlers) are not already being controlled; either natively in the camera, or by another assigned controller.

To determine the serial numbers of the connected controllers, use PxLGetNumberControllers.