PXL_RETURN_CODE PxLInitializeEx ( 

   U32     serialNumber,

   HANDLE* phCamera,

   U32     flags );



This function initializes the camera in its entirety and obtains the camera handle required for subsequent API function calls. 

  • serialNumber  is the serial number of the required camera.  If there is only one camera connected to the system, this value is ignored.  If there is more than one camera connected to the system, this value is used to select the camera.  If you pass in a serial number of 0, one of any of the available cameras will be chosen. 

  • phCamera is the pointer to the variable receiving the camera handle.

  • flags is the set of flags to use to control how the camera is to be connected to. The possible values of flags are defined in the header file PixeLINKTypes.h, and described in InitializeEx Flags.

Comments, Restrictions and Limitations

To determine the serial numbers of the connected cameras, use PxLGetNumberCameras or PxLGetNumberCamerasEx.

CAMERA_INITIALIZE_EX_FLAG_MONITOR_ACCESS_ONLY is applicable only to GigE cameras; it is ignored for USB and FireWire cameras.

The thread that successfully calls PxLInitializeEx on a camera should also call PxLUninitialize for that camera.