An uncompressed video contains all of the data received by the sensor, but as a result it requires a high bitrate and quickly fills up storage space. Uncompressed videos can quickly hit the 2GB maximum file size of our .AVI files, limiting the length of uncompressed video that can be saved using this format. H.264 video encoding is useful in saving longer enables you to capture and save longer video clips, as it uses lossy compression to reduce data size. This enables you to capture and save longer videos, as it uses a lower bitrate and requires significantly less storage space.

Using H.264 Video Encoding  

H.264 encoding only supports MONO8 or YUV422 Pixel Formats. This can be changed on the Region of Interest tab, using the Pixel Format drop down menu. 

Next, from the Video Capture tab, select the option for H264 from the Encoding drop down, as seen in the screenshot below:

The length of video is determined by the value written in the Number of Frames box. To capture a longer video, increase the Number of Frames. 

When the "Match Capture" box is selected under Playback Options, the Playback will match the frame rate of the camera. To choose a different Playback Frame Rate, uncheck the "Match Capture" box and enter your own value in the Playback box. Lowering the frame rate will increase the Playback Time, as frames will playback at the slower rate. 

The Playback field will also indicate that the captured video will play back in "slow motion". (Or "fast motion", if Playback frames per second (FPS) is set higher than the Camera FPS). 

Finally, ensure that the Save Formatted Clip box is checked, and choose your desired location and File Format for the saved video (either .AVI or .MP4). This will save your clip as a .AVI or .MP4 file, which can be played back using most video players.

Troubleshooting Tips  

ApiUnsupportedPixelFormatError occurs when attempting to record a video in an invalid Pixel Format. To fix this, please select Pixel Format MONO8 for monochrome cameras, and YUV422 for colour cameras, from the Region of Interest tab. 

ApiInvalidParameterError indicates that one of the parameters entered was invalid. Please double check any parameters you have entered. In particular, if you have a very small number in the Number of Frames box, increasing the number of frames may fix this error.