The Pixelink Application Programming Interface (API) offers application software developers a means to adapt existing programs or develop new imaging applications for Pixelink cameras.  It allows rapid development of custom applications for camera operation by simplifying the most common tasks associated with configuring and controlling the camera.

The Pixelink Camera API Version 4 is a series of dynamic link libraries (DLLs) that provide:

  • A powerful, easy to use control interface.

  • A generic command set that can be used to control different camera models.

  • Fast and flexible access to streaming video.

  • The ability to save high quality still images and video clips

The API also provides a consistent programming interface regardless of the electrical interface of the product (that is, FireWire, USB or Gigabit Ethernet). 

The API has been extended for simpler programming in the Pixelink+ API.  

The API has been wrapped by an assembly for use within the .NET environment.

Topics Covered

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The following articles provide a reference for the Pixelink Camera API and related software.:

  • A summary of the Pixelink Camera API functions.

  • Descriptions of individual API functions.

Note: These articles assume that you have a basic understanding of the C language. This API is designed to control Pixelink cameras only.

Development Environments

The Pixelink API Version 4 is compatible with C++.  The software has been extensively tested within Windows Visual Studio 6 and Visual Studio .Net development environments.  Functions may be called from C/C++ or Visual Basic.  Full compatibility with the .Net runtime environment is provided by a .Net wrapper in the form of a dll. See the .Net Application Programming Interface topic.

Compatibility with Other Pixelink Products

Applications created with the Pixelink Camera API can be used with all Pixelink cameras with the exception of the PL-A660/650 series cameras.

To convert programs created with an earlier version of the Pixelink Camera API, refer to R3.1 to R4.1 conversions and equivalences.