PixeLINK.API.dll Assembly for the PixeLINK 4.0 API

PixeLINK.API.dll is a Common Language Specification (CLS) compliant strong-named .NET assembly for use with C#, VB.NET, Managed C++, C++/CLI, and other .NET-compliant languages.  It is a thin wrapper around the PixeLINK 4.0 API; all Pixelink API functions are exposed as static members of the API class in the PixeLINK namespace.

How to Use

From your VB.NET or C# or managed C++ project:

  • Right click the "References" folder in the Solution Explorer window.

  • Select "Add Reference".

  • Click "Browse".

  • Browse to and select PixeLINK.API.dll found for example in "C:\Program Files\PixeLINK\dotnet"

  • Click OK.

  • If using C++ or C#, add the line "using PixeLINK;" to your code.

  • If using VB.NET, add the line "Imports PixeLINK" to your code.

Getting Help

Consult the Pixelink API documentation for specific information - almost all functions have exactly the same parameters in .NET as they do in unmanaged code, so the regular documentation should suffice for most users.

For any questions not answered in the documentation, please contact Pixelink Support.


In software release 7.01, PxLApi4DotNet.dll was renamed to PixeLINK.API.Net, and the namespace was changed from PxL to PixeLINK. Many of the function and enum names were changed to better follow Microsoft's library design guidelines. This may break existing .NET code, but in most cases the change is just a change to the case of a constant,  and, Visual Studio's Intelligence will often assist with these changes.

There is no .NET wrapper for the PixeLINK 3.2 API.