PXL_RETURN_CODE PxLLoadSettings (

   HANDLE hCamera,

   U32    channel );



This function loads camera settings from the specified memory channel of the camera’s non-volatile memory. 

  • hCamera is the camera handle. This value is returned by PxLInitialize.

  • channel is memory channel number from which the settings will be loaded. Valid values are between 0 (FACTORY_DEFAULTS_MEMORY_CHANNEL) and MAX_MEMORY_CHANNEL (as defined by FEATURE_MEMORY_CHANNEL).  

FEATURE_MEMORY_CHANNEL is defined in the file PixeLINKTypes.h

Comments, Restrictions and Limitations

All settings except FEATURE_LOOKUP_TABLE are stored in the memory channel. 

This function overwrites all current camera settings except FEATURE_LOOKUP_TABLE with the ones stored in the specified memory channel.  Because FEATURE_LOOKUP_TABLE is not saved in the memory channel, it will not change when this function is called. 

If multiple descriptors are being used, then the current descriptor is loaded with the new settings.  Settings pertaining to multiple descriptors (such as the number of descriptors and their order) are not affected. 

The FACTORY_DEFAULTS_MEMORY_CHANNEL (0) is read-only.  It cannot be set using PxLSaveSettings.  User-definable memory channels start at 1. 

The video stream must be stopped when calling this function.