PXL_RETURN_CODE PxLSaveSettings (

   HANDLE hCamera,

   U32    channel );



This function stores the current settings of the camera in a specified memory channel of the camera’s non-volatile memory.

  • hCamera is the camera handle. This value is returned by PxLInitialize.

  • channel is memory channel number to save the settings to. This value starts at 1 and goes to MAX_MEMORY_CHANNEL (as defined by FEATURE_MEMORY_CHANNEL).

FEATURE_MEMORY_CHANNEL is defined in the file PixeLINKTypes.h.

Comments, Restrictions and Limitations

All settings except FEATURE_LOOKUP_TABLE are saved by PxLSaveSettings.


This function overwrites any settings already stored in the specified memory  channel.


The read-only memory channel, FACTORY_DEFAULT_MEMORY_CHANNEL (0), cannot be  set using PxLSaveSettings.  User-definable memory  channels start at 1. 


If using multiple descriptors, only the contents of the current descriptor  are saved.  Settings  pertaining to multiple descriptors (such as the number of descriptors and their  order).


The video stream must be stopped when calling this function.