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The shutter feature controls the exposure time of the sensor. Increasing the shutter integration time makes the image brighter. On CMOS sensors, increasing the shutter integration time will also increase the amount of noise in the image.

The shutter can be controlled manually, once automatically or fully automatically (also referred to as continuous auto exposure). In the auto modes, the camera will attempt to set the shutter feature such that a small portion of the scene is saturated. The continuous auto exposure mode is especially suited and useful in microscopy applications, such as pathology, where frequent microscope objective changes occur. It has been designed for this environment and works very well. However, there is an assumption in the algorithm that the scene is back-lit and that part of this bright light is visible to the camera as white. In situations where the scene is uniform grey, the camera will try to make a portion of the scene saturated which may result in overexposed images. In such cases, the auto exposure functions should not be used.

Please note: For some older FireWire cameras, when the Frame Rate control is active (ON), the Shutter control is limited by the Frame Rate control setting. For example, if the Frame Rate control is set to 50 fps, the maximum value of the Shutter control will be limited to 20 ms. For unlimited control of the Shutter feature, the Frame Rate control must be turned off.

The shutter operates in a number of different modes that determine the speed of the readout and the ability to capture stop motion. The available shutter modes, described below, are determined by the type of sensor in the camera. They are controlled by the Trigger Feature.  

  • In global shutter mode, the Shutter control determines the length of time from the frame reset to the start of readout. Readout and exposure occur sequentially. The sensor has limited to no sensitivity during the readout phase.

  • In rolling shutter mode, the Shutter control determines the number of lines in the ROI that are active at any time. Readout and exposure occur concurrently.

  • In Fast Reset Shutter mode, the Shutter control determines the length of time from the completion of frame reset to the start of readout. Readout and exposure occur sequentially. The sensor remains sensitive during the readout phase so controlled lighting or a mechanical shutter may be required.

API Control

PxLGetFeature, PxLSetFeature

FeatureNumber of ParamsParametersUnitsRestrictions


1 - 3





A set operation (PxLSetFeature on FEATURE_EXPOSURE) can take 1 parameter, or if the FEATURE_FLAG_AUTO, or FEATURE_FLAG_ONEPUSH flag is used to initiate an auto operation, an additional two parameters can be specified. Similar to FEATURE_FOCUS, these two (optional) additional parameters represent a lower limit, and an upper limit (in that order), to be used when performing the auto operation. In this specific circumstance, the first parameter will be ignored.

Performing a get operation (PxLGetFeature on FEATURE_EXPOSURE) while specifying 3 parameters, will return not only the current exposure value (the first parameter), but also the limits that will be used for an auto set operations (the 2nd and 3rd parameters).

Use PxLGetCameraFeatures for FEATURE_SHUTTER to determine if a particular camera supports user-defined limits for the auto operation.

Feature Flags

CameraPresenceRead OnlyAutoManualOne-time AutoOffCiD

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PL-X Cameras:

CameraParameterUnitTypeMinMaxStep Size
PL-X957Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.000025120.000.000001
PL-X9512Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.000019120.000.000001
PL-X9520Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.000007120.000.000001
PL-X9524Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.000007120.000.000001

PL-D Cameras:

CameraParameterUnitTypeMinMaxStep Size
PL-D721 / M1Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0000014.3294310.00000001
PL-D721PIntegration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0001384.5509800.00000001
PL-D722Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0000014.3294310.00000001
PL-D725 / M5Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0000014.329431
PL-D726Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0000632.000.00000001
PL-D729Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0000180.1192000.00000001
PL-D732 / M2Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0000165.000.00000001
PL-D734 / M4Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0000285.000.00000001
PL-D752Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.000019120.000.00000001
PL-D752 - FFR Mode*Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0000190.0060160.00000001
PL-D753Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.000010120.000.00000001
PL-D753 - FFR Mode*Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0000100.0068510.00000001
PL-D755 / M5DIntegration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.000020120.000.00000001
PL-D755 - FFR Mode*Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0000200.0123160.00000001
PL-D755MU-POLIntegration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.000020120.000.00000001
PL-D755MU-POL - FFR Mode*Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0000200.0123160.00000001
PL-D757 / M7Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.000014120.000.00000001
PL-D757 - FFR Mode*Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0000140.0161320.00000001
PL-D759 / M9Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.000024120.000.00000001
PL-D759 - FFR Mode*Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0000240.0206980.00000001
PL-D7512 / M12Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.000024120.000.00000001
PL-D7512 - FFR Mode*Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0000240.0286180.00000001
PL-D7620 / M20Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.000018120.000.00000001
PL-D795Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.000027120.000.00000001
PL-D795 - FFR Mode*Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0000270.0278610.00000001
PL-D797 / M7BIntegration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.000014120.000.00000001
PL-D797 - FFR Mode*Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0000140.0195600.00000001
PL-D799Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.000028120.000.00000001
PL-D799 - FFR Mode*Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0000280.0307740.00000001
PL-D7912 / M12BIntegration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.000028120.000.00000001
PL-D7912 - FFR Mode*Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0000280.0425500.00000001
PL-D7920Integration Time
PL-D7920 - FFR Mode
Integration Time
PL-D7924Integration Time
PL-D775Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0001072.000.00000001
PL-D7715Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0000065.000.00000001
PL-D7718 / M18Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0041831.30

* FFR Mode is available on PL-D cameras using Sony IMX sensors, and can be used to obtain higher frame rates than can be otherwise achieved in the camera's normal mode of operation. For more information, see: Special Operation Mode

PL-B Cameras:

CameraParameterUnitTypeMinMaxDefaultStep SizeComments
PL-B742, PL-B681CIntegration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.000042.00.10.00001
PL-B761Integration TimeSecondsAbsoluteSee Note2.00.02Varies
PL-B762Integration TimeSecondsAbsoluteSee Note
PL-B771, PL-B777Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.000011.21
0.04VariesThe maximum will vary with ROI size
PL-B774, PL-B776, PL-B778, PL-B623CIntegration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.000012.00.1VariesThe maximum will vary with  ROI size
PL-B781, PL-B686MIntegration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0000632.00.04VariesThe exposure time step size is the time required to read out one row.
PL-B782, PL-B686CIntegration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0000632.00.1Varies
PL-B952Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0000635100.10.0000635
PL-B953Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0000635100.040.0000635
PL-B871C, PL-B954Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0000962100.10.0000962
PL-B954HIntegration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0000625100.060.0000625
PL-B871M, PL-B955Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0000962100.040.0000962
PL-B955HIntegration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0000625100.030.0000625
PL-B872C, PL-B956Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0000625100.060.0000625
PL-B872M, PL-B957Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0000625100.030.0000625
PL-B873CIntegration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0000674100.060.0000674
PL-B873MIntegration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0000674100.030.0000674
PL-B958Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.000053610.060.0000536
PL-B959Integration TimeSecondsAbsolute0.0000536100.030.0000536

Note: The minimum exposure time on the PL-B760 varies depending on the ROI, the frame rate control and the trigger. The minimum possible is 40 micro seconds with the frame rate control and trigger OFF and a narrow ROI. With the trigger ON, the minimum increases to 93 microseconds. The maximum is approximately 123.5 microseconds with the frame rate control ON and the frame rate set to the minimum setting.