For Firewire Cameras:

Some camera manufacturers FireWire drivers replace Microsoft's implementation of the firewire stack. Replacing the Microsoft implementation can have adverse affects, as these drivers may not be compatible with all FireWire cameras.

Is another camera manufacturers driver Installed?

Open up the Device Manager (Right Click on 'My Computer' or 'This PC', select Manage from the context menu, and choose Device Manager)

Open up the IEEE 1394 Bus Host Controller tree from the device list.
1) If the device is listed as shown above, as 'Texas Instruments OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller' then it is using the Microsoft driver.
2) If the device is listed as 'T1394bus OHCI TI', it is using the TI driver.
3) You may have multiple devices – one for each firewire card in the computer, and one for any built in firewire controllers. Each card/controller may have different drivers installed.

You can get specific information about the installed driver as well. Double click the 1394 device to get its Properties page. Select the Driver tab to view the driver information.

Check to make sure that the driver manufacturer is Microsoft and if it is not please roll back the driver to Microsoft's driver.

How can I resolve different firewire driver requirements?

Some cameras require the other manufacturers driver, while others are incompatible with it.

The safest thing to do is to have two different firewire bus host controllers installed on your system. For example many computers have built in firewire capacity, even if there are two firewire ports they run on the same controller, and so should be used to run just a single firewire camera. If you have a second firewire camera that requires a different driver, install a firewire card (or a second firewire card) to add a second firewire bus controller.

For other cameras, please see our article on Camera Not Properly Detected In Windows

If you continue to experience problems with your camera not starting, please Contact Support.