Enclosed cameras with an MV (Machine Vision) interface on a 6-pin round Hirose connector provide optically-isolated connections for one external trigger and two general purpose outputs.  The mating connector is a Hirose HR10A-7P-6P, a 6-pin round plug connector with solder-cup pins for the cable wires.

MV pinout and description

Pin Pin Name 




(Pinout is viewed on the back of the camera, or at the solder-end of the mating connector)



FireWire cable power, 8-30 V DC (typically 12 V)

Maximum current available from this pin is 250 mA.



Positive terminal of optically isolated trigger input

The optically isolated trigger input circuit includes an internal 1 Kohm series resistor. When using a voltage higher than 12V, add an external resistor with adequate power rating.

A typical application of the trigger input is to connect Pin1 (POWER) to Pin 2 (TRIGGER +) and use the open collector output of an external position sensor device to complete the circuit from Pin 3 (TRIGGER -) to Pin 4 (GROUND).

PixeLINK API-Refer to the functions PxLSetFeature, PxLGetFeature and Trigger Types.



Negative terminal of optically isolated trigger input.



Logic and chassis ground



General Purpose Output (GPO) 1, for strobe

Open-collector current sink output from optical isolator. Provides current sink to Pin 4 (GROUND) when GP1/GP2 (as appropriate) is active.

Maximum current is 15 mA. 

Maximum voltage with respect to ground is 40 V.

PixeLINK API-Refer to the functions PxLSetFeature, PxLGetFeature and GPIO Types.



General Purpose Output (GPO) 2, for strobe

MV interface schematic

The trigger inputs are designed to work with a floating differential signal which will operate with a supply voltage between 5V and 12V across the trigger terminals.  With the Trigger polarity set to Positive, a rising voltage will cause a trigger.  A falling voltage will cause a trigger if the trigger polarity is negative.  The trigger input can be either positive or negative pulse.  The minimum pulse width depends on the debounce delay set in the camera – typically at least 50 microseconds for analog signals and at least 1 microsecond for TTL signals.

The GPO pins are open-collector current sink outputs.  The GPOs can handle a maximum of 15mA and 40V with respect to ground.  To use them with TTL inputs, the GPO output lines must be pulled high with a 1K ohm resistor.