The Timing Diagrams for several PL-D cameras are available below.

  • For the PL-D721, PL-D722 or PL-D725, download PL-D720 Timing.pdf

  • For the PL-D732 or PL-D734, download PL-D732_734_Timing Diagram.pdf

  • For the PL-D752, PL-D753, PL-D755, PL-D755MU-POL, PL-D795, PL-D757, PL-D797, PL-D759, PL-D799, PL-D7512, or PL-D7912, download PL-D Sony Sensor Timing Diagram.pdf

  • For the PL-D7620, download PL-D7620 Timing Diagram.pdf

  • For the PL-D775 without controlled lighting, download PL-D775 Timing.pdf

  • For the PL-D775 with controlled lighting, choose PL-D775 Timing WITH CL.pdf

  • And for the PL-D7715 with controlled lighting, choose PL-D7715 Timing WITH CL.pdf