The Lookup table (LUT) control provides a simple way to manipulate the grey scale image data coming from the camera via a simple lookup table.  The Flat Field Correction (FFC) control, activated by default when the camera is turned on, provides the ability to correct for non uniformity within the sensor.

Figure 1: LUT and FFC Tab

Look Up Table

Click "Enable" in the box provided to activate the LUT.

By default, the transfer function is set as a straight bypass function, where out = in.  To manipulate the transfer function, click on the small box at either end of the red line and drag it to the desired location.  You can repeat this operation for as many set points as you wish to achieve the desired effect.

Click "Update Now" to load the lookup table parameters into the camera and to view the resulting image in the preview window.  Click auto update to continuously update the LUT within the camera.

The table to the left of the transfer function shows the resulting input/output relationship where the data entering the LUT is on the left, and the data leaving the LUT is on the right.

Figure 2: Look Up table

You can reset the transfer function at any time by right clicking the curve and selecting "Reset".

Figure 3: Resetting transfer function

To create a Curve on any segment, right click on the segment and select "Convert to Curve".

Figure 4: Converting to curve 

Two crosses will appear after selecting the option.

Figure 5: Crosses formed after selecting convert to curve option

Two crosses can be dragged on the graph to create the desired effect.

Figure 6: Curve formation 

Flat Field Correction

The Flat Field Correction control is turned on as a default.  FFC corrects for any non uniformity in the sensor and in the light.  To deactivate the FFC, click on the box provided. "The FFC Calibrated at a gain of" refers to the gain level that the FFC was calibrated at.  Most cameras are calibrated at 0 db at the factory.

Figure 7: Flat Field Correction

Temperature Sensor

The Temperature setting allows the user to monitor the temperature of the camera body and sensor (in degrees Celsius).  This is a read-only function.

Figure 8: Temperature notification