The following is an overview of the Video Capture tab of Capture OEM:

Clip Capture

  • Click on the Number of Frames box provided in "Clip Capture" and enter the desired number of frames to be included in the clip.

    • The Number of Frames (as well as the frame rate) determines the Capture time, displayed on the right. For example, if the camera frame rate is set (on the Basic Controls tab) to 50, and the Number of Frames is set to 300, the Capture Time will be 6.0 seconds. Capture more frames to record a longer video.

  • Click the "Capture Full Frame" box to capture the full frame (regardless of the ROI selected), or leave the box un-checked to capture a frame at the current ROI. (To choose the frame size, left click on ROI tab and choose desired size).

Video Encoding

  • Choose Video Encoding in the Video Encoding box. You can select either an Uncompressed video, which will be larger in size, or a H.264 compressed video file.

    • When using H.264 compression, check the "Match Capture" button to match the frame rate of the camera. When this button is checked, the Capture Time and Playback Time (length of the video) displayed should be the same.

    • You can also uncheck the Match Capture button and specify your own Playback Frame Rate. Setting a Frame Rate slower than the camera frame rate will cause the video to play back in "slow motion", and setting the Frame Rate faster than the camera frame rate will cause the video to appear sped up.

    • For more information on using H.264 compression, please see the article on H.264 Video Encoding in Capture OEM.

Please note: Polar cameras, like the PL-D755MU-POL, can only record Uncompressed videos. 

Save Encoded Video Stream

  • Click in the box provided to "Save Encoded Video Stream", and left click on "Browse" to choose the storage location. This will save a .pds or .h264 file depending on the video encoding selected. Please note these files can not be watched as video files by most video players. 

Save Formatted Clip

  • Click in the box provided to "Save Formatted Clip", and left click on "Browse" to choose desired the storage location. Use the dropdown to select your desired file format, either .AVI or.MP4. The Increment File Name After Capture option will increment the name of the video file for every video capture, and the View Clip After Capture option will load the video in your default video player once the capture is complete. 

  • After choosing your desired settings, click on the Begin Capture button at the bottom of the window to capture a video.