Pixelink Support

What’s New in Release v10.0

  • We now support the new Sony IMX250 sensors in our product line up. This is an exciting sensor that has been integrate into our newest camera – the PL-D755CU and PL-D755MU. This camera works in 8 or 12 bit mode, has great dynamic range and has a special mode of operation that accommodates a wide range of frame rates.
  • We have added the PYTHON 1300 from OnSemi to our product line-up - the PL-D721PCU and PL-D721PMU.
  • We also added, based on customer suggestions, the ability to set a lower and upper limit for the FEATURE_FOCUS API Feature. This provides the ability to speed up our Auto Focus Algorithm by providing a narrower search criteria.
  • Added the CASPIAN C-39N0-250 from Varioptic to our line-up of AutoFocus cameras.
  • PixeLINK now official supports Windows 10.
  • Added support for dotNET v4.5 platform.
  • Removed Support for Windows XP

Note that this is a free upgrade to all PixeLINK customers. Click here to get this exciting new release of Capture OEM.

If you are one of our SDK customers please login(located at the top of the page) to this site and download the latest version.