Pixelink Support

CAPTURE OEM – What’s New in Release 9.3!

  • We now support the new Sony IMX174 sensors in our product line up. This is an exciting sensor that has been integrate into our newest camera – the PL-D752. This camera works in 8, 10 or 12 bit mode, has great dynamic range and has a special mode of operation that accommodates a wide range of frame rates.

  • We added support of the feature FEATURE_AUTO_ROI to the PL-D camera line. This new feature, when used with the FEATURE_WHITE_SHADING allows the user to white balance the camera using a specified portion of the image.

  • We also added, after many customer suggestions, the PxLGetCurrentTimestamp to allow an application to sample the image timestamp clock of a camera (without actually capturing an image).

  • PxLSetPreviewStateEx now behaves identically to PxLSetPreviewState – but has an additional callback function to accommodate changes made to the preview window (required for Linux implementation).

  • We have also added support for the pixel format PIXEL_FORMAT_XXXX_PACKED_MSFIRST. This new 12-bit packed pixel format may be used with certain models of PL-D cameras.

Note that this is a free upgrade to all PixeLINK customers. Click here to get this exciting new release of Capture OEM.