U32		actionType,
  double    scheduledTimestamp );


This function will trigger a specific action in the camera.

  • actionType identifies the specific type of action. Click here to review all possible action types.

  • scheduledTimestamp is the time at which the camera is to trigger the specified action. A scheduledTimestamp of 0 cause the camera to trigger the action immediately. A scheduledTimestamp > 0, cause the camera to trigger the action at the specified time (note, an application can get the camera’s current time, via the PxLGetCurrentTimestamp function).

  • Previously scheduled actions can be cancelled using PxLSetFeature; either turning the FEATURE_OFF, or changing the feature to no longer be of an Action type.

It’s important to note that the action commands generated by calling this function, are not sent to a specific camera – they are multicasted to all cameras connected to the system. However, only cameras whose associated action is enabled, will take action on the command. For instance, if a PxLSetActions (ACTION_FRAME_TRIGGER, 0) is called – only those cameras who have their trigger enabled as TRIGER_TYPE_ACTION will act on the command (and capture an image and send it to the host).

Comments, Restrictions and Limitations

All scheduled action requests, are lost on a camera reset (as the camera’s timebase changes)