The following structure defines information about the Navitar lens controller.

 /* External Controller Info */
 typedef struct _CONTROLLER_INFO
     U32  ControllerSerialNumber;
     U32  TypeMask;               
     U32  CameraSerialNumber;     
     char COMPort [64];
     BOOL32 USBVirtualPort          
     char VendorName [64];
     char ModelName [64];
     char Description [256];
     char FirmwareVersion[64];

ControllerSerialNumberThe serial number of the controller. 
TypeMaskbit mask defining all control functions of this controller.
CameraSerialNumberThe serial number of the camera to which this controller is assigned. 0 if the controller is unassigned. 
COMPortA string identifying the host COM port to which the controller is connected.
USBVirtualPortThis field is set to TRUE if this is a virtual COM port connected via USB. False if COM port is connected via a serial cable. 
VendorNameA string identifying the vendor name.
ModelNameA string identifying the model name.
DescriptionA textual description of the product.
FirmwareVersionA string for the embedded software version. The format is "%d.%d.%d.%d".