• Added support for Ubuntu 22.04, 64 bit variant on both PC and ARMv8.

  • Added support for Ubuntu 20.04, 64 bit variant on ARMv8.

  • Added support for the 'alpha' pixel formats (RGBA, BGRA, ARGB, and ABGR).

  • Included wrapper for Robot Operating System (ROS2).


  • Added support for cameras capable of on-camera flip operations.

  • captureOEM application now supports saving/loading camera settings to/from a file.

  • Added a reduced footprint / reduced functionality variant of the Pixelink API, known as PxLApiLite (see: PxLApiLite).


  • Added support for new 10 Gigabit Ethernet (PL-X) cameras. This includes support for new API features that takes advantage of the new functionality added with the camera platform (see What's New with the API). 

  • Added the Pixelink Python wrapper (for Ubuntu 20.04, x86 64-bit 'PCs')  

  • Added support for Ubuntu 20.04 (on Intel x86 'PCs'), and Ubuntu 20.10 (on ARM v8 64-bit platforms).


  • Added support for Pixelink Polar and cameras that support high dynamic range (HDR).

  • Added support for Ubuntu 18.04 (on Intel x86 'PCs').


  • Added new application, captureOEM.

  • Added support for new Auto features, AutoRoi, AutoGain, and AutoExposure limits.

  • Added support for 10-bit packed pixel formats.


  • Added support for Ubuntu 16.04.

  • Folded in v2.1 patch containing JPEGDLL32v1.1.  This patch eliminates namespace collisions with some libraries, such as OpenCV.

  • Added FEATURE_FOCUS control to captureOEMLite.


  • Added support for (H264) video capture.  Specifically, added the methods:

    • PxLGetEncodedClip

    • PxLFormatClipEx

  • Added support for General Purpose Input (GPI), whereby the hardware trigger resource can be re-mapped to serve as  GPI.

  • Added support for 64-bit ARM installs (ARMv8 -- aarch64).


  • Improvements in image quality of the preview window; hardware acceleration is now used utilized if the platform supports it.

  • Support for USB3 cameras with binary files that are USB3 Vision (U3V) certified, as well as cameras that contain binaries that are pre-U3V certified.

  • FEATURE_FOCUS can now accept 2 parameters when PxLSetFeature is called with the FEATURE_FLAG_ONEPUSH bit of the flags parameter is set (to perfrom a one-time auto focus operation). These two additional parameters (if supplied) will represent the range over which the auto focus it to be applied.

  • Added support for CAMERA_INITIALIZE_EX_FLAG_ISSUE_STREAM_STOP with PxLInitializeEx to assist with recover from unexpected termination of camera applications.

  • Cleanup operations are now performed on signals SIGINT and SIGTERM.

  • Support for cameras equipped with a General Purpose Input.