The following is a quick guide to the Menu Bar of Pixelink Capture. The available drop down options are shown below.

Settings Menu

To access the Settings Menu, click "Settings" from the Pixelink Capture toolbar.

Save Settings: Use to save camera settings like exposure and gain as a .pcc file on your computer, or to camera memory. These can later be loaded to return to those saved settings.


Load Settings: Load saved camera settings from a saved .pcc file or from camera memory. To return to factory default settings, check the Use Factory Settings option.

Preferences: Pixelink Capture now allows for two display modes. Standard Mode will give the full functionality of the application. Measurement mode is streamlined to only show features that are commonly used for making measurements. Pixelink Capture also allows you to switch between two themes. The default theme is the dark theme, which provides a dark background. A light theme is also available and provides a white background. Tooltips are small instructional pieces of text that conveniently inform users the use and functionality of the various features of Pixelink Capture. They appear when the user hovers over any UI elements in the application. They can be enabled or disabled at any time.

IP Config Tool: The IP config tool is used to update IP configuration settings to 10 GigE PL-X cameras. Enter your updated IP Settings in the appropriate fields and then click "Update" to set those settings to the camera. When done press "X" in the top corner to close the tool. Please note that the application will temporarily stop the camera stream while the tool is open. Streaming will continue when the tool is closed.

Window Menu

Layout: Use to change the layout of Pixelink Capture when multiple cameras are connected. Pixelink Capture supports simultaneous streaming from up to four cameras. The available layouts are shown in the screenshot below. For more information on layout options, please see: Layout

Camera Tray:  When this is enabled, connected cameras will be displayed in an "Attached Cameras" box at the bottom of the Pixelink Capture window. To switch to another camera, double click on the camera in the Camera Tray. Disable this option to remove the Attached Cameras box.


This window displays information about the camera and software, as shown below.  For technical support or servicing queries, please have this information available


Click help to open a help file, which includes information on how to use the application and on software functionality.