MATLAB can be used for controlling Pixelink cameras, including the PL-B, PL-D, PL-E, and PL-X camera series. For interfacing Pixelink cameras with MATLAB, at least two setup approaches can be taken depending on the camera series used, such as installing the Pixelink MATLAB adaptor or Pixelink .NET API. Both approaches require either Pixelink Capture or Pixelink SDK to be installed to install the camera drivers. The Pixelink MATLAB adaptor with Pixelink .NET API package can be downloaded using the link below, and includes the following installation files and folders.

Note: The following camera models and some of their functionality are not supported by the Pixelink MATLAB adaptor, but they are supported in MATLAB with the Pixelink .NET API

    - PL-D755-POL camera models

    - Autofocus functionality

    - Gain HDR functionality of PL-D753, PL-D757, PL-X957, PL-X9520, and PL-X9524 camera models

Download: Pixelink MATLAB Adaptor package

Note: The Pixelink MATLAB Adaptor with Pixelink .NET API is included with the SDK, and does not need to be downloaded separately.

Pixelink MATLAB adaptor package includes

1. MATLAB_Versions_Readme.html

2. Win64.

    - MATLAB R2017b and newer - supports MATLAB R2017b (64-bit) and newer.

    - MATLAB R2017a and older   - supports MATLAB R2017a (64-bit) and older.

3. Win32.

    - MATLAB R2015b and older   - supports MATLAB R2015b (32-bit) and older.

4. dotNET

    - dotnet3.5

    - dotnet4.5

    - HowToUse.txt

Note: MATLAB R2015b is the last version of MATLAB that supports 32-bit operating systems. All later releases are 64-bit only.

To download the latest version of MATLAB, or any legacy version of MATLAB, click on the following link:

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