MATLAB can be used for controlling PixeLINK cameras including PL-B, PL-D, and PL-E cameras. To interface PixeLINK cameras to MATLAB, both the PixeLINK MATLAB adaptor and either PixeLINK Capture or the PixeLINK SDK must be installed. The PixeLINK MATLAB adaptor can be downloaded using the link provided below, which includes the following installation file and folders

Download: PixeLINK MATLAB Adaptor.

Note: The PixeLINK MATLAB Adaptor is already included in the PixeLINK SDK.

PixeLINK MATLAB adapter includes

1. MATLAB_Versions_Readme.html

2. Win64.

    - MATLAB R2017b and newer - supports MATLAB R2017b (64-bit).

    - MATLAB R2017a and older   - supports MATLAB R2017a (64-bit) and older.

3. Win32.

    - MATLAB R2015b and older   - supports MATLAB R2015b (32-bit) and older.

Note: MATLAB R2015b is the last version of MATLAB that supports 32-bit operating systems. All later releases are 64-bit only.

To download the latest version of MATLAB, or any legacy version of MATLAB, click on the following link:

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