PL-D Board Level Camera Series

The sensor orientation determines the orientation of the image captured (before the image is rotated). The pixel in position (0,0) represents the top left corner of the captured image, and can be found in the top left corner of PL-D cameras. This is shown below on a PL-D board level camera:

PL-D Enclosed Camera Series

For enclosed PL-D cameras, the location of pixel (0,0) is shown in the following image:  

When a camera is positioned in the same way as the cameras shown above, an image or stream will appear "right side up". If a camera is in a different position, Pixelink Capture can be used to rotate the stream 90° , 180°  or 270°, using the "Rotate" or "Flip" options on the Controls tab.


The PL-D755 camera uses a Sony IMX250 sensor, with a resolution of 2448x2048. The orientation for this sensor can be seen below: