Apr 2022

  • Support for the Navitar Resolv LED controller, via the new feature FEATURE_LIGHTING (see What's New with the API).

  • Added support for the synchronization of sensor scans between cameras, to improve PTP synchronized frame captures (on PL-X cameras). This includes ACTION_SENSOR_SYNC and EVENT_SENSOR_SYNCHRONIZED.

  • Various bug fixes and user interface enhancements.


Dec 2021

  • Shortened the Pixelink Capture start-up time.

  • Navitar Generation 1 serial lighting controllers are only enumerated on systems so configured.

  • Added support for the new Pixelink PL-D7718 camera.


Sept 2021

  • Separate installers for 32-bit and 64-bit installs.

  • The default build toolchain for binaries and code samples is now Microsoft Visual Studio 2015.

  • Enhancements to the Pixelink Capture application, including:

    • Added Z-Stacking capability

    • Added support for Navitar LED controllers


Aug 2020

  • Updates to support new 10 Gigabit Ethernet cameras (PL-X variants). This includes support for new API features that takes advantage of the new functionality added with the camera platform (see What's New with the API).

  • Updated the camera drivers to be Microsoft Windows 10 Device Guard compliant.


Jan 2019

  • Added support for Polar Cameras.

  • Added support for Cameras with gain based High Dynamic Range (FEATURE_GAIN_HDR).


Oct 2018

  • Improvements to the Measurement/Metrology function of Pixelink Capture, including a new ‘simple’ mode of operation.

  • Added support for continuous or one-time auto gain operations (if supported by the camera).

  • Added ability to limit the exposure range used for auto operations (if supported by the camera)

  • Added ability to limit auto operations (exposure, gain, and white balance) to a subset of the region of interest (if supported by the camera).

  • Enhanced video capture capability for Pixelink Capture.


Feb 2018

  • Added support for Navitar (Generation 2) Zoom and Fine Focus Controller. The Pixelink API / applications can now control motorized variants of the Navitar’s Zoom 6000, Zoom 12x, and Zoom 12x UltraZoom lenses.

  • Added Metrological functions to the Pixelink Capture showcase application.


Nov 2017

  • Enhanced set of callback filters added to Pixelink Capture’s ‘Effects’.

  • Pixelink Capture’s video and still frame capture mechanisms have been improved, allowing richer set of capture options.

  • Pixelink Capture now supports continuous auto-exposure.

  • Pixelink Capture can now flip and rotate images.

  • Pixelink’s older demonstration application, Capture OEM, is now selectable from the Start Menu.

  • Added support for 10-bit packed format (for cameras that support this format).


Jun 2017

  • Release of Pixelink's new camera showcase application - Pixelink Capture.

  • The API contains a new video capture engine, capable of encoding compressed video (H.264) contained in either .avi or .mp4 files.

  • Added a number of new sample applications, including some C# programs built using (.NET) WPF.

  • The SharpnessScore filed in the descriptor returned from PxLGetNextFrame, always read as 0 when received via .NET.


Sept 2016

  • Added support for General Purpose Input (GPI) for all PL-D cameras (a firmware upgrade is necessary). This new feature allows a user to recast the camera's hardware trigger input, as a GPI.

  • Added a new flag used by PxLInitializeEx; CAMERA_INITIALIZE_EX_FLAG_ISSUE_STREAM_STOP. Use of this flag will send a stream stop command to the camera as it is initialized (this can be useful when debugging applications).

  • Increased overall robustness of the USB 3.0 link on certain systems that made extensive use of USB 3.0 power saving options.

  • Reduced minimum exposure time for PL-D721, PL-D722 and PL-D725 cameras.


Jun 2016

  • Compliant with the latest USB3 VISION standard for all  PL-D cameras.

IMPORTANT NOTE: U3V Compliant cameras will not work with Release 9.3 host software (and older).

  • FEATURE_FOCUS can now accept to 2 parameters when PxLSetFeature is called with the FEATURE_FLAG_ONEPUSH bit of the flags register is set (to perform a one-time auto focus operation). These two additional parameters (if supplied) will represent the range over which the auto focus is to be applied.

  • Added support for dotNET v4.5 platform.

  • Removed support for Windows XP.


Oct 2015

Updates to support new USB3 cameras

  • Added the new feature FEATURE_SPECIAL_CAMERA_MODE.  This feature is only supported on certain camera models that support atypical modes of operation.  It allows you to put the camera in a special mode of operation that accommodates a wider range of frame rates..

  • Added support of the feature FEATURE_AUTO_ROI to the PL-D camera line.  This new feature, when used with the FEATURE_WHITE_SHADING to allow the user to white balance the camera using a specified portion of the image.

  • Added support for the pixel format PIXEL_FORMAT_XXXX_PACKED_MSFIRST.  This new 12-bit packed pixel format may be used with certain models of PL-D cameras.

Add a new function:

  • PxLGetCurrentTimestamp to allow an application to sample the image timestamp clock of a camera (without actually capturing an image).

  • PxLSetPreviewStateEx behaves identically to PxLSetPreviewState – but has an additional callback function to accommodate changes made to the preview window (required for Linux implementation).


Jul 2014

  • The Pixelink drivers (included with Release 9.1), are signed by Microsoft to facilitate silent installation.


Jun 2014

  • All drivers are now been qualified and signed by Microsoft.

  • Added support for controlling a camera with programmatic focus control. Specially, added the following features



  • DirectShow is now supported on PL-D (USB3) cameras.

  • Added a NDIS6 driver for GigE Vision cameras.

  • USB3 cameras now function fully when connected to a USB2 port (at a reduced throughput).


Nov 2013

  • Updates to support new USB3 cameras.

- Bandwidth Limit

- Actual Frame Rate

- Updates frame descriptors

  • Various bug fixes.

  • New features and fixes for Capture OEM.


Mar 2013

  • Various bug fixes, and fixes for blue screens.

  • New features and fixes for Capture OEM.

  • Various bug fixes with PxLProcessorIdle tool.

  • Don’t bother looking for GEV cameras if the GEV driver is not loaded.

  • Resolved issue - Turning on a GPO in C-OEM, would sometimes return an ApiInvalidParameterError error.

  • PL-H cameras will now do a one-time auto tap-balance with each gain adjustment.


Aug 2012

  • Various bug fixes, and fixes for blue screens.

  • Several bug fixes related to FireWire stacks (new and legacy) on Windows 7.

  • It was possible for the API to return a very old frame.

  • Executables and runtime environment moved to Visual Studio 2008 SP1.


Mar 2012

  • Added support for development of 64-bit applications.

  • Several bug fixes for GigE cameras.

  • Several bug fixes associated with using callbacks.


Jan 2012

  • Various bug fixes.


Dec 2011

  • Various bug fixes, and fixes for blue screens.

  • Capture OEM now defaults to Advanced Mode.

  • Internal changes to mechanism for supporting GigE cameras.

  • Fixed a bug in the preview capability that would cause it to freeze.

  • Fixed a bug where a triggered frame could be lost if previewing.

  • Support for PL-E and PL-H GigE cameras.


As of this release, GigE cameras do not support the following features:




This will be addressed in future releases. Please contact Pixelink support for more information.


Jan 2011

  • Various bug fixes, and fixes for blue screens.

  • Support for PL-C FireWire B cameras.


Jul 2010

  • Updated signature files for silent installs.


Apr 2010

  • Fixed several blue screen issues associated with USB-over-Ethernet devices.


Feb 2010

  • Fixes to 1394 driver to accommodate 64-bit Windows platforms with 4GB or more of memory.

  • Enhanced DirectShow support.

  • Inclusion of the Version 3 Pleora software for GigE.

  • Added support for Lantronix UBox 2100.

  • Fixes to USB: Aborted applications could cause the camera to be uninitializable.


Mar 2009

  • Various bug fixes to DirectShow for USB and FireWire.

  • Various bug fixes to the API.

  • Capture OEM no longer re-queries for cameras when changing from one tab to another.


Dec 2008

  • 64-bit FireWire and USB drivers for Vista 64 and XP-64.

  • Fixed "blue screen" error when DirectShow interacting with USB cameras.

  • Install errors on Vista 32, Vista 64 and Win2K have been resolved.

  • Increased 1394 frame readout time for triggered (with callback) frames.

  • Temporal noise filter and motion detector callbacks in Capture OEM.

  • Added /jumbo command-line parameter to instruct Capture OEM to use jumbo frames for GigE imaging.

  • Installs without GigE were not setting environment variables properly.


Aug 2008

  • Fixed several "blue screen" errors, that could occur on systems running with several USB cameras.

  • FFCTool can now support non-full-frame regions of interest (ROIs).

  • Improvements made to GigE cameras, addressing communication issues that could occur under heavy load. To get the full effect of these improvements, use Pleora's eBus Optimal driver, and IP Engine firmware 2.1.5 or later.

  • USB cameras no longer left in a streaming state if the controlling application shuts down without properly stopping streaming.

  • Added German language support to Capture SE.


May 2008

  • Added a "launch pad" for the API to documentation.

  • Updated the camera lists and features with new information.

  • Added a sharpening filter feature to some cameras.

  • Added information related to GigE tools.


Feb 2008

  • Updated the help files with GigE installation instructions, and Pleora help documentation.


Nov 2007

  • Added information about GigE cameras.

  • Updated CE statement.

  • Minor revisions to API and other documentation.

  • Updated information about Direct Show with USB cameras.


Sept 2007

  • Minor revisions to API.

  • Added image quality graphs.

  • Support in FFCWizard for CCD cameras.


Jul 2007

  • Added support for 12-bit cameras.


Jun 2007

  • New LabVIEW interface module and help files.

  • Various bug fixes.


May 2007

  • Support for silent installs (signed drivers).

  • Added documentation for PL-B series of cameras.


Feb 2007

  • Various changes to better support USB cameras.


Aug 2006

  • Changes to improve performance on laptops.

  • Changes to the install procedure.


May 2005

  • Release 4 of Pixelink API, driver and other software.

  • Minor release camera firmware updates.

  • Added documentation for PL-A770 series.


Mar 2005

  • Added some general updates to Pixelink Capture OEM, the LabVIEW VIs, and a few other miscellaneous changes.


Jan 2005

  • Release 3 of the Pixelink API (Version 4.1.18) and Pixelink Capture OEM (Version 1.3.5).


Dec 2004

  • Release 2 of the Pixelink API (Version 4.1.17) and Pixelink Capture OEM (Version 1.3.1)

  • Release 4.1 of the Pixelink API.

  • LabVIEW VIs.

  • New tutorial on how to control IIDC-compliant cameras.

  • Upgraded Pixelink Capture OEM.

  • New Tools:

- A Trigger Debounce tool allows the delay used to debounce the trigger input to be adjusted to accommodate analog or TTL input signals.

- A Flat Field calibration tool can be used to field program the flat field calibration based on the application specific lighting and optics.