Occasionally Capture OEM will only display a 4-5 digit serial number in the Camera Select box, instead of the full 10 digit serial number. When this occurs, the Play, Pause and Stop buttons in the Video Preview section are also usually grayed out, and the software will be unable to control the camera. This usually means that Capture OEM was unable to properly identify the camera.

This can be caused by using Capture OEM v9.3 ,or older PixeLINK software, on a newer camera. Please upgrade your host software to Release 10.0 or newer to see if this resolves the issue.

How to get Release 10.0 software from PixeLINK?

If you are currently using our Camera kit software, then you can uninstall your existing software (Capture OEM) and install the latest version from the link below.


If you are currently using our SDK, then you can uninstall the existing PixeLINK SDK from your computer and get the latest version from our website. The link has been provided below. You will need to provide your login credentials and SDK serial number to register the SDK and proceed to the downloads page.


If you have any questions regarding this issue, please contact PixeLINK Support at pixelink.support@ametek.com, or by calling 613-247-1211