For PL-A661, PL-A662, PL-A653, and PL-A654, please contact PixeLINK support for the SDK version that is compatible with your cameras.

For all other camera models, please install our latest Pixelink SDK.

If your camera is a PL-A661, PL-A662, PL-A653, and PL-A654, please follow the following instructions:

1) Run the PixeLINK SDK install

2) When you are presented with an option of which API version to install (the default is the latest version), select the 3.2 API version

3) If you are using ONLY 3.2 API cameras(i.e PL-A661, PL-A662, PL-A653, and PL-A654) , you should un-install the latest SDK before installing the 3.2 version.

And, regardless of the API version you're using, don't forget that PixeLINK support  is available if you have problems or get stuck.