The PixeLINK 4.0 API is available to you via the assembly PixeLINK.API.dll. Assuming the environment variable ProgramFiles is set properly (most likely it will be set to C:\Program Files), and you installed the SDK to the default location, the assembly will be in %ProgramFiles%\PixeLINK\dotnet.

You can find information in the PixeLINK .NET documentation.

Example code written in VB.NET, C#, and Managed C++ is available. We highly recommend you take a look at these to help you get started.

Some important methods of the API class that will be useful to you are:

PixeLINK.API Class Methods


Initialize a camera for use


Takes a ReturnCode and returns whether it indicates success or failure. (If you are familiar with the C API, this is similar to the API_SUCCESS macro). 

Here is a quick introduction to the key Pixelink API functions.

And, don't forget that Pixelink support is available if you have problems or get stuck.