Note: The PL-D Camera Update Wizard is designed to be used on PL-C and PL-D Pixelink camera models only. For older PL-A and PL-B cameras please use our FFC Wizard tool, or contact Pixelink support.

After installing the latest version of Pixelink Capture or the Pixelink SDK, the PL-D Camera Update Wizard can be used to update the camera to the latest loads. This application can be found from the Windows Start menu: 

   -  Start -> PixeLINK -> PL-D Camera Update Wizard

Or from it's default location after installation: 

C:\Program Files (x86)\PixeLINK\Tools\FirmwareUpdater_Wizard.exe

After running the tool, instructions are shown on the following introduction window. Please make sure that only one camera is connected when running the wizard.

The main Update Wizard window presents general camera information, including the current programmed camera loads.


To update a camera with the latest loads:

  1. Click Check For New Firmware. The software will automatically select camera loads that need to be updated
  2. Click Program Camera. Loads will be uploaded, programmed, and the camera will automatically reboot
  3. Press "Exit" after the wizard has finished.


Note: The main Update Wizard window will display the completed tasks. In addition, uploaded and programmed loads can be found in a newly generated folder, seen in the Working Directory field.