Q/ PxLIpAddresses tool finds my camera just fine, but neither my application nor Capture OEM, finds the camera.

A/ This may occur if the Camera and the NIC are not on the same IP network. If this is the case, a warning message to this affect will be displayed in the Messages window. To correct this error, you can either use this tool to change the IP configuration of the camera, or use the Windows Network Properties dialog to change the IP configuration of the NIC, or both. 

Q/ How do I assign a static IP address to the camera such that the camera will continue to use this address in spite of power cycles?

A/ Set the Cameras IP Configuration as appropriate, check the Persistent box, then press the Update button.

Q/ I was using static IP address assignment on this camera, but I now want to use dynamic IP address assignment.  How do I do this?

A/ Edit any one of the Camera IP Configuration parameters to enable the Update button.   Ensure the Persistent check box is clear, then press the Update button.  The camera will acquire/use a dynamic IP address with the next (and subsequent) power cycles.

Q/ I cannot get the Camera Persistent control to enable – it continually remains grayed out.  What could cause this?

A/ This control will remain grayed out if the selected camera does not support persistent static IP address assignment.