This program supports the following command line parameters:

  • /ip ddd.ddd.ddd.ddd - Used to specify the IP address of a connected IP Engine (static assignment). The camera will use the same IP subnet mask as the NIC from which it is subtended.

  • /p_ip ddd.ddd.ddd.ddd - Same as /ip option, but the IP address is committed to non-volatile memory, so the address will persist across camera power cycles. Specify an address of to have the camera 'forget' this assigned IP address, and to resort back to using dynamic (DHCP or LLA) IP address assignment.

  • /mac XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX - The MAC address of the camera for which the IP address is to be applied. This parameter is only necessary if there is more than one camera on the subnet matching the supplied IP address.

  • /help or /? - Display a command line help screen.

Note: The /ip and /p_ip parameters are mutually exclusive; they cannot be used together. 


PxLIpAddresses /ip  - Sets the IP address of the connected camera to

PxLIpAddresses /mac 00-11-1C-F3-00-0A /p_ip - Sets the IP address of the camera identified by MAC address 00-11-1C-F3-00-0A, to What's more, the camera will maintain this address across power cycles.

PxLIpAddresses /p_ip - The connected camera will no longer use a persistent IP address. The next time the camera is power cycled; it will revert to using DHCP or LLA to determine its IP address.