PixeLINK VIs will return the following error codes.

Error Value Explanation Possible Reasons
0The function completed successfully.
5000Unknown errorContact Pixelink for help.
5001The handle parameter is invalid.The camera was not initialized or the initialization was not successful.
5002Invalid ParameterSee the appropriate function description to determine the admissable parameter values.
5003A buffer passed as parameter is too smallIf possible, use the function to return the required size of the buffer before filling the buffer.
5004The function cannot be called at this timeThe function was called at an incorrect point in the calling sequence; another function may need to be called beforehand.
5005The API cannot complete the requestThis camera does not support the requested functionality
5006The camera is already being used by another applicationAnother application is running and using the camera.
5007There is no response from the cameraThe camera is disconnected.
5008The camera responded with an error.Unknown hardware error -  Contact PixeLINK for help
5009The API does not recognize the cameraIncompatible firmware, driver or API version
5010There is not enough 1394 bandwidth to start the streamToo many other devices are using the bus, or too much video data is streaming
5011The API cannot allocate the required memoryThe system is out of memory.
5012The API cannot run on the current operating systemThe current version of the operating system is not supported by the kit software.
5013The serial number could not be obtained from the camera.
5014A camera with that serial number could not be found.A camera with the requested serial number was not connected to the computer.
5015Not enough disk space to complete an IO operationToo much video data is being requested.
5016An error occurred during an IO operation
5017Application requested streaming terminationThe video clip capture thread was terminated by the application before the clip was completed.
5018The pointer parameter = NULLThe necessary memory buffer has not been allocated.
5019Error creating the preview window.
5020Indicates that a set feature is successful but one or more parameter had to be changed (ROI)Occurs when the requested values do not match the granularity of the feature. If you trap this error, then get the feature values to determine the changed value
5021Indicates that a feature set value is out of rangeThe specified value is too large or too small
5022There is no camera availableAll cameras are in use by other applications
5023Indicated that the name specified is not a valid camera name.
5024GetNextFrame cannot be called at this time because it is in use by an overlay callback function 
5025A frame was still in use when the buffers were deallocated.
6000The stream already exists
6001Enumeration is done error
6002There are not enough resources for the requested operation
6003There was an unexpected frame size
6004A stream is required for this operation
6005The wrong version is present
6006The camera has been disconnected
6007Unable to map frame in driver
6008An error was returned from the Windows 1394 OHCI driver
6009An invalid parameter was passed to the driver
6010The function completed successfully but the stream was already running
6011Timeout waiting for the camera to respond
6012The camera returned an invalid frame (image)
6013An operating system service returned an error