Please Note: You need to have our Pixelink SDK installed and not our Camera Kit. The Camera Kit does not include all of the files to register the adapter correctly.

Note: This solution article is for MATLAB 2015b only.

With previous versions of the Image Acquisition Toolbox™, the files for all of the adaptors were included in your installation. Starting with version R2014a, each adaptor is available separately through the Support Package Installer. 

If you are having certain errors while using Pixelink's header files in MATLAB 2015b, then you will need to install  MinGW-w64 Compiler from TDM-GCC support package from MathWorks. 

To check whether you already have the compiler installed please follow the steps below.

1) On the Home tab in the Environment section, click on the Add-ons icon.

2) Select  Manage Add-ons.

3) A list of all your installed MATLAB packages and toolboxes will populate. (An example is provided below).

If you do not have the MinGW-w64 Compiler from TDM-GCC installed, then you can follow the link to MathWorks documentation provided below and have it installed.

After you have successfully installed the compiler, you can try to use the Pixelink header files and they should run without any errors.