HANDLE hCamera,

 LPCSTR pCameraName );



This function sets the name of the camera.  

  • hCamera is the camera handle.  This value is returned by PxLInitialize.

  • pCameraName is the string that holds the new name of the camera. 


 /* Make the request */

 PXL_RETURN_CODE rc = PxLSetCameraName(hCamera, “Bottom-left camera”);

 if (!API_SUCCESS(rc))

   /* Error handling here */



Comments, Restrictions and Limitations

The camera name can have up to 32 characters. 

The camera name resides in non-volatile memory and is valid from the time that it is set by the PxLSetCameraName function until another PxLSetCameraName command is executed, even if the unit is powered off.

Note: This function should not be used in a general day-to-day application as it causes the firmware in the camera to operate in a different mode.  It should only be used in a configuration application to (rarely) set the required camera name.