PXL_RETURN_CODE PxLRemoveDescriptor ( 

   HANDLE hCamera,

   HANDLE hDescriptor );



This function removes a descriptor from the camera and host.

  • hCamera is the camera handle.  This value is returned by PxLInitialize.

  • hDescriptor is the pointer to the handle of the descriptor to be removed. This handle is returned by PxLCreateDescriptor.  Set to NULL to remove all descriptors at once. 

Comments, Restrictions and Limitations

For more information about descriptors, including definitions of the terms used in this function description and examples, go to creating and using descriptors.

If a descriptor is in focus when it is removed, the focus reverts to the first descriptor created. 

All descriptors deleted:  If all custom descriptors are deleted (that is, no descriptors are defined), the descriptor stored with any image data subsequently viewed or captured is constructed from the camera feature properties in effect at the time.