HANDLE       hCamera,

 CAMERA_INFO* pCameraInfo );



This function returns version information about the PixeLINK hardware and firmware. 

  • hCamera is the camera handle.  This value is returned by PxLInitialize.
  • pCameraInfo is the pointer to CAMERA_INFO structure, which contains strings of information about PixeLINK hardware and firmware.  The CAMERA_INFO structure is defined in PixeLINKTypes.h.



 /* Make the request */

 CAMERA_INFO cameraInfo;

 PXL_RETURN_CODE rc = PxLGetCameraInfo (hCamera, &cameraInfo);

 if (API_SUCCESS(rc))


   printf("Camera Name : %s\n", cameraInfo.CameraName);

   printf("Model Name  : %s\n", cameraInfo.ModelName);

   printf("Description : %s\n", cameraInfo.Description);

   printf("Serial #    : %s\n", cameraInfo.SerialNumber);

   printf("Firmware    : %s\n", cameraInfo.FirmwareVersion);

   printf("FPGA        : %s\n", cameraInfo.FPGAVersion);



Comments, Restrictions and Limitations

This function is deprecated – use PxlGetCameraInfoEx instead