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The following Pixelink PL-B cameras support various video formats from the IIDC Specification:

  • PL-B740 Series

  • PL-B760 Series

  • PL-B770 Series

  • PL-B780 Series

  • PL-B950 Series


Video Formats refer to a collection of settings for Region of Interest size and frame rate that are defined in the IIDC specification.  The various video formats are irrelevant to users of the Pixelink API which operates entirely within Format 7 - variable ROI.  For users programming with IIDC controls, the following information is relevant.  

API Control

The Pixelink API does not control video formats per se but rather operates the camera in Format 7 Mode 0.    See Image Data Formats for data formats available when using the API.

Note that the Pixelink API and drivers will only recognize cameras using Format 7 Mode 0 and will only set Format 7 Mode 0 regardless of the Pixel Addressing feature settings.  A FireWire camera with saved settings (see Memory Channel) with Pixel Addressing enabled (Value > 1) may not be recognized properly by 3rd party IIDC software.  If moving a FireWire camera between the Pixelink API and 3rd party IIDC software, be sure to use the factory defaults or to save settings with no Pixel Addressing (Value = 1).