The trigger inputs can accept floating signals that are not tied to the camera ground.

To use an analog trigger switch that connects to ground when a trigger occurs:

  • Connect Pin 1 (Power) to Pin 6 (Trigger +)

  • Connect trigger switch between Pin 7 (Trigger - ) and Pin 9 (Ground)

Example 1: TTL Logic

More sophisticated examples using TTL logic are shown below.  

Trigger Input Example - TTL AND Gate


Trigger Input Example - TTL Inverter


Example 2: Optical Trigger

The figure below shows an example using an optical trigger where the optical sensor is used to trigger multiple cameras.  Note that with such a device, there will be some noise as the signal is switched and the camera’s debounce clock should be reduced to 100KHz to avoid multiple triggers.

Trigger Input Example - An optical trigger and multiple cameras