FireWire cameras have two 6-pin FireWire connectors (ports), allowing several devices to be daisy-chained. The FireWire cable carries image data, power and control signals.

On the PL-A700, PL-B700 and PL-B900 series, the connectors are compatible with both regular and harness-type (latching) FireWire plugs. On the PL-A600, PL-B600 and PL-B800 series, the connectors are compatible with regular FireWire plugs only.

You do not need to power down the computer to connect or disconnect a camera, nor do you need to reboot the computer after this is done.

Single camera connection: The FireWire connectors are functionally identical. Either one of them can be used for a single connection.  Do not make more than one connection between the camera and the computer—the equipment will not be able to communicate properly and the system can crash.

Multiple camera connections: When connecting multiple cameras, do not create a functional loop. The number of cameras that may be managed simultaneously depends on the total bandwidth and may be limited by power availability and the processing capabilities of the host computer.