When the camera gets configured for triggering (i.e. hardware, free-running, and software), it will not respond to trigger requests immediately after being configured.


It is recommended that you add a delay after configuring the camera for triggering before allowing/trying to acquire an image.

The delay we recommend depends on the camera in use:

Camera Models that are affected
Wait Time 

PL-B777, PL-B778, PL-B625, PL-A625, PL-E425C,

PL-E424C, PL-E535

2.8 ms

PL-A776, PL-B776, PL-E423C, PL-E422C, PL-E421C,

PL-B623, PL-A623

2.8 s

PL-A774, PL-B774


PL-B771, PL-E531M, PL-B621, PL-A621, PL-E421M

2.8 s