Some FireWire PCMCIA cards for laptop / notebook computers are built for use with a 4-pin FireWire cable, which will not work with Pixelink cameras which require a 6-pin connector (the additional two pins provide power). Some FireWire accessory manufacturers sell cables that have one 4-pin end and one 6-pin end. However, the cameras still require power to be provided. 

In this case, we suggest trying one of the following:

  • Use an externally powered FireWire hub or repeater to power the bus. Connecting the camera and the laptop to the hub will power the camera, via the hub’s external power supply. This is also an alternative for any 6-pin PCMCIA cards that do not provide power directly from the laptop.

  • Use a different FireWire PCMCIA card that provides full FireWire bus power through an optional external AC power supply.

  • Use a FireWire express card that hooks into an external power supply, such as our "PL-1394-LAPTOP-ACC" or "PL-1394-LAPTOP-PCMCIA-ACC"