When I run a program that interacts with a Pixelink GEV camera, I get prompted by a Windows Security Alert , indicating that the ‘Windows Firewall has blocked some features of this program’.  Why does this occur?


This dialogue only appears the first time you run the application with a Pixelink GEV camera connected.  By default, the Windows Firewall will block certain camera control operations, the set of features that will be blocked, is answered below (see ‘Q/What behaviour can I expect if I choose to not add the program Windows Firewall exception list and to not disable Windows Firewall?’).  

To enable these features, answer the dialogue as follows:

Windows XP:

Windows 7:

Be sure that all network types are selected, lest the firewall will continue to block services on some attached networks.

Choosing ‘Unblock’ on Windows XP, and ‘Allow Access on Windows 7, will add the program to the Windows Firewall exception list, whereby the Windows firewall will not continue to block some services for the program.  Choosing another option will require you to manually add the program to the Windows Firewall exception list at a later time.