The Pixelink Capture TWAIN interface is a standard TWAIN Data Source that can be used to capture images directly from a Pixelink camera into 3rd party applications such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop and CorelDRAW. The image capture process with the Pixelink Capture TWAIN interface is simple, but the exact steps necessary to open a TWAIN interface are specific to each application. Consult the application manuals and help files for instructions. Often, applications regard TWAIN-enabled devices (such as Pixelink cameras) as being distinct from digital cameras, sometimes categorising them as "scanners" and the image capture process as "scanning".

Capturing Images with Pixelink Capture TWAIN

  • Make sure that the Pixelink Capture TWAIN software is installed. Pixelink Capture TWAIN is included with all Pixelink software applications and is included in several 3rd party application installs.

  • Connect a Pixelink camera and open your application. Ensure no other program is accessing the camera.

  • Open the Pixelink Capture TWAIN interface. The method to do this is specific to each application. Refer to the documentation and help for your application.

  • If prompted to select a source, select PixeLINK Capture TWAIN:


  • Adjust image settings and capture the image.


Pixelink camera drivers and TWAIN drivers are installed when installing either Pixelink Capture or the SDK. One of these must be installed to use your camera as a TWAIN device. 

After installing the camera software, PL-B and PL-D cameras can be initialised as TWAIN devices when using software that supports TWAIN.



To resolve a "Please attach a PixeLINK camera" message, try the following:

  • Double check that the camera is still connected to the computer, and that the cable hasn't come loose. 

  • Open Pixelink Capture or Capture OEM, and verify that your camera is detected by the application, and able to stream video.

  • Close any open Pixelink software, including Pixelink Capture and/or Capture OEM.

  • Disconnect and reconnect your camera, and wait until the camera LED is green.

  • Select Pixelink Capture TWAIN as a source (if prompted), and use the TWAIN GUI to capture an image.