The Pixelink FireWire and USB drivers are WDM compatible with a DirectShow interface.  Applications that use DirectShow can stream video data from the camera in multiple formats and resolutions, and can control camera features through DirectShow interfaces and a custom property page.

The following DirectShow interfaces are supported by the Pixelink Driver:

  • IAMStreamConfig - used to set the data format, frame rate and resolution

  • IAMVideoControl - used to enable or disable the hardware trigger of the camera

  • IAMCameraControl

  • IAMVideoProcAmp

All other camera features can be controlled through the Pixelink property page ( which can be loaded from an instance of the device in DirectShow.

Color cameras output the following formats:

  •   YUV422 (a.k.a. UYVY)

  •   Bayer - 8 bit

Monochrome cameras output the following formats:

  •  Y800 (a.k.a. Mono 8 bit)

The Camera Property page includes the following controls: