Pixelink FireWire and USB drivers are WDM compatible with a DirectShow interface.  Applications that use DirectShow can stream video data from the camera in multiple formats and resolutions, and can control camera features through DirectShow interfaces and through a custom property page.

The following DirectShow interfaces are supported by the Pixelink Driver:

  • IAMStreamConfig - used to set the data format, frame rate and resolution

  • IAMVideoControl - used to enable or disable the hardware trigger of the camera

  • IAMCameraControl

  • IAMVideoProcAmp

All other camera features can be controlled through the Pixelink property page (PxLPropPage.ax) which can be loaded from an instance of the device in DirectShow.

Color cameras output the following formats:

  •   YUV422 (a.k.a. UYVY)

  •   Bayer - 8 bit

Monochrome cameras output the following formats:

  •  Y800 (a.k.a. Mono 8 bit)

The Camera Property page provides the following camera controls: